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Welcome to My Tax Law Professionals, P.C.

Every IRS problem has a solution and we offer the best tax resolution services.  The economic climate in the United States has turned many households on-end with financial problems beyond their control.  Many people have found themselves coping with federal tax liens, wage garnishments, property seizures and are in need of tax resolution services.  Properly and efficiently handling these tax problems is complex; an advanced knowledge of U.S. tax law is necessary to effectively resolve the negative impacts of any serious tax problem.

My Tax Law Professionals, P.C. is here to effectively resolve your tax problems. Whether you are seeking Innocent Spouse Relief from a former partner or need to settle tax debts with an Offer In Compromise, the effective IRS tax attorneys at My Tax Law Professionals, P.C. are prepared to advise and guide you toward a comprehensive solution. Do not ignore the IRS’s notices and letters and allow your financial future to be wrecked with painful tax delinquency.  Secure your income and protect your assets from seizure with an IRS tax attorney from My Tax Law Professionals, P.C..

What separates My Tax Law Professionals, P.C. from other IRS Collection Defense Attorneys? We prioritize the care and education of our clients with back taxes help.  It is our responsibility to keep you informed about your case.  We take the mystery out of your tax problems and educate you about proper expectations for your situation. We give honest, dependable tax resolution services.

We know that other IRS Collection Defense Attorneys might charge less, but that is because an attorney is not researching and preparing your case.  These cheaper attorneys use hired assistants to prepare all their cases; this is called a ‘churn-and-burn’ practice, and is harmful to you when they have IRS power of attorney.  These firms will assign you a number and file you away.  My Tax Law Professionals, P.C. seeks to build a relationship with our clients.  We know that the IRS can be cold and hard to deal with, but that does not mean we should be.

If you have been dealing with tax problems or need back taxes help that have spiraled out of your control, contact the IRS tax attorneys at My Tax Law Professionals, P.C. today.  When it comes to tax resolution services, we are here to help. We are also very flexible – representing clients all across Colorado.  We are ready to meet you wherever we can best serve your needs. Our office is located conveniently in the Denver Tech Center.  We can meet in the evenings, online or over the phone. It is our duty to be flexible to your needs.  Contact us by phone or online contact form to schedule an appointment and secure your financial future today.


About Company


Founded by Jesse Aschenberg, My Tax Law Professionals, P.C. has been serving thousands of clients in the federal tax system since 2001.  We understand that the current economic environment is not helping anyone save money.  Our focus is on client care and satisfaction, and we know that satisfaction comes with proper education.  When you choose My Tax Law Professionals, P.C. to handle your IRS Collection Defense or other Federal Tax problems, we will teach you about the process from the ground up.  We will answer questions that others simply do not know.  Every client receives a free 1-hour consultation just to ensure they have the knowledge they need to rest easy.

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